White Water Rafting Down the Savegre River in Costa Rica

Even after a night of drinking Imperial, it wasn’t difficult to get up in the morning to head white water rafting. Not one of the eight of us had ever done it before and we were excited to give it a try. We hooked up with Dominical Surf Adventures who took us out to the Savegre River to start our adventure.

One of our guides was from Colorado and rafted in the U.S. in the summers and headed down to Costa Rica to guide in the winter. The other two guides on our trip were brothers who grew up in Dominical. Their passion for rafting was evident and we knew we were in good hands. They even strapped our GoPro to a guide’s helmet so we could get pictures and video of the trip.


Prior to jumping into the rafts, we got the run-down on safety and what to do if you fall out of the raft. The guides said the rapids were pretty tame so they didn’t expect us to have issues or fall out.


So what happened within two minutes of us hitting the river? Chad fell out. Within seconds we had him back in the boat, but it gave at least me a nervous feeling about the rest of the trip down the river!

We started getting close to rapids and the guide told us all exactly how to paddle and we made it through. It was a blast!! White water rafting was such an Adrenalin rush and also gave us the opportunity to see a part of Costa Rica that otherwise wouldn’t be seen.

We stopped about half way down the river and walked to a waterfall where we swam and took some photos. We were also provided a delicious fresh fruit snack and beverages. Coming from the Midwest, nothing tastes better than fresh fruit in the tropics. We just don’t have access to certain things, especially in the winter months.


The last half of our trip down the river was as exciting as the first, flying down the rapids, spinning the raft around and coming out smoothly at the end.

After the trip, we loaded back into the bus and headed out to lunch at a local restaurant that overlooked a grove of coconut trees.


After we returned back the house, we relaxed, drank a few more Imperials and enjoyed the evening sunset.



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