A Jungle Oasis at Lower Dover Field Station

Initially when planning our trip to Belize, I had booked an AirBnB in the Unitedville area. Unfortunately, they had to contact me a few weeks prior to our trip because the water in the village was not working reliably. I did some research and came across the Lower Dover Field Station and Jungle Lodge. While the remaining room was a little over the budget I initially wanted to follow, all of the characteristics of the lodge were too amazing for me to pass up. I mean, how often do you get to stay at the site of Mayan Ruins that are actively being excavated?

We arrived just as it was getting dark outside. We opened the gate and drove right in. Maddy saw us and immediately came to greet us. She offered us a flashlight as we headed to the office to officially check in. She gave us a map of the property and the area and was extremely happy and excited to tell us everything to expect during our stay.

Lower Dover Belize

As soon as Maddy set us up in our room, we cracked open a couple cold Belikins (the official beer of Belize) and got to relaxing. The stars and fireflies dancing all around the property were unlike anything I had ever seen before. We spent our first night completely mesmerized by the beauty that surrounded us.

Enjoying a Belikin on our private porch

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