The Ruins at Lower Dover

Mayan tomb

On our first full day at Lower Dover, we woke up to a homemade breakfast with your typical staples – eggs, sausage, tortillas, fresh fruit. But the highlight of the meal was the soursop drink. Initially, I thought it was milk on the table until we were told it was soursop and came from a tree near by. It was a flavor I never experienced before in my life and it is definitely unlike any other.

After breakfast, Maddy took everyone staying at the station on a tour of the property. We hiked past dozens of different fruit and nut trees.

lower dover Belize
Our tour guide Maddy and her fearless companions

As we continued on, we saw a variety of different tropical plants, including palm trees with the largest palms I had ever seen!

Maddy also pointed out the “shy” or “sensitive” plant that shrinks or retreats into itself when touched in order to protect itself from any harm. The formal name of this plant is the Mimosa Pudica and it is native to south and central America.


We continued on our hike and soon we came across some unearthed Mayan ruins that archaeological students have been researching for five years. They had uncovered parts of what they thought was the ball court, sweat lodge area, seating area, and burial tombs. Researchers speculate the ball court here may have been strictly for practice because they don’t feel there was enough space for spectators surrounding the area.


This would be a place I would love to come back and explore again in the few years as they continue to uncover more from the ancient peoples that lived in this area.

After our tour, we spend the afternoon swimming in the river on the property. It was extremely hot outside – nearly 100 degrees – so the water felt amazing and refreshing.




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