Cave Tubing in Belize – the Adventure

cave tubing

After playing in the water, we set off on our cave tubing adventure. We free floated individually in our own tubes. Many other tour companies who take large groups or groups with small children do tie the tubes together. We were glad that we had the freedom to float on our own.

Soon after we floated past the entrance to the cave, it immediately became nearly pitch black. As we floated along with only our headlamps to light our way, Carlos began pointing out stalagmites and stalactites along with other formations that were well known to the cave guides. Bats hung above us and the water slowly pushed us along our route as we took in the vast cave’s sights and sounds.

We approached a small waterfall on our left where we pulled over and climbed out. We maneuvered our way over the slippery rocks until we reached a path in the cave. We went on a small hike through the cave system where we saw a new opening to the sky where part of the cavern had caved in years early. We continued exploring the cave until the path led us back to the water. I tossed in my tube and (not so) gracefully hopped back in the water.

The rest of our journey continued this way with short stops and Carlos pointing out more interesting shapes and impressions along the cave walls.

Soon enough we reached the exit. It was nice to feel the sun’s warmth again compared to the cool, damp, darkness of the cave. The water was still crystal clear and we continued to float and enjoy the jungle view and a few small rapids along the way.

When we got to our departure point, we swam for a few more minutes because I wasn’t ready to leave the perfect water quite yet. Soon enough it was time head back to the car where Carlos had a traditional Belizean meal of chicken, coconut rice and beans waiting for us.

If you’re heading to Belize don’t miss out on cave tubing. It was the highlight of the time we spent inland.




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