Three ways to avoid the crowds on vacation

Epcot at night

There was an article on the front page of MSN  comparing marketing photos to actual photos of popular spring break destinations. I couldn’t help but think about how true it is – you are lured to a destination by marketing campaigns and beautiful photos but when you arrive, you find something completely different. While not all of the photos in the article are very deterring (Las Vegas by day compared to night?), there are some ways to avoid crowds and actually get a chance to relax in your own paradise.

  1. Look for alternate locations that are similar to the “hot” destinations.

This is probably pretty obvious, but going where everyone else does means beaches are going to be crowded, there will be lines, and there will be little peace and quiet. Instead, look for similar locations that not everyone knows about. For example, instead of heading to Key West, stay in Islamorada. The beaches are beautiful and there are a lot of activities on and off land – all with fewer people.

2. Visit popular spots during “off times”

Epcot at night


The ideal time you want to visit a specific attraction is probably the same time everyone else will be there. Instead, call ahead or ask around about crowd sizes during different times of the day. You can usually get the same experience, but with fewer people.

For example, if you’re visiting Epcot at Walt Disney World, do NOT ride Spaceship Earth right when you get there or close to park opening. The line will be extremely long because it’s the first ride in the park. Instead, come back on your way out of the park and you’ll get right on.




3. Time out your trip

Not only will you avoid crowds if you time your trip correctly, but you’ll also save money. Instead of traveling during the most popular times (holidays, spring break) look at other times of the year that most other people aren’t traveling. Some of the hottest Christmas/holiday spots offer the same weather during January, but are far less busy.


This year, enjoy your vacation without all of chaos and crowds.




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