Alwazah Tea

Although I haven’t been to the Middle East, I spend time weekly with different Kurdish refugee families that are new to the Fargo area. It has been eye opening to learn more about their culture and their home land of Kurdistan. Because Kurdistan is in the Middle East and just north of Iraq, I initially pictured the landscape to be brown, sandy desert. However, the area is lush and green with flowing rivers and scenic mountains jutting overhead. I hope one day there is peace in the Middle East so I can experience all of the beauty that Kurdistan has to offer.

When I meet with the different families, I help them with adjusting to life in the United States. I’ve given tours of the area, taught people how to ride the bus, practiced English, given driving lessons, and answered questions. Every single person I’ve met has been so excited to be in the US and determined to be successful here. On top of that, they have all been so grateful for my help and time and above all else, kind.

At each meeting, every single family has offered me tea. Now this has been no ordinary tea. I’ve been trying to figure out what the secret to this amazing concoction is. It’s caffeine levels are off the charts higher than anything else I’ve had and the flavor is incredible.

The brand they all use is Alwazah tea. I went out and bought some to try and recreate the way they make and serve tea. It’s good – but it isn’t as good as they make it. I’ve read some different blogs that say to cardamon, so that’s my next trial.


Obtain the quality of Alwazah Tea most suitable for your taste.

  • Into a porcelain tea-pot, measure one teaspoonful of Alwazah Tea per person and one for the pot.
  • Take the pot to the kettle and pour in freshly drawn water which has just started to boil and leave to stand for five minutes
  • The brewing Tea could be stirred half way through.
  • Pour out into cups, add sugar or lemon if desired.
  • Enjoy your Alwazah Tea.


Have you had traditional Iraqi tea? What have you found to be the best recipe?



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