9 Day Belize Itinerary (and costs!)

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Are you debating traveling to Belize but not sure if you can afford it? Thanks to Belize’s affordability, it would be easy for someone even on a restricted travel budget to experience the country. Currently, every $2 Belize dollars are equivalent to $1 US, meaning your money will go much further. Our mid-range budget worked well for everything we wanted to do while in Belize. There are suggestions below for a lower budget trip.


Day 1: Arrive at Belize City Airport. Pick up rental car and drive to Lower Dover Field Station

Day 2: Tour Lower Dover Ruins and take a river swim. Drive to San Ignacio and have lunch, visit the farmers market, and stop into local shops.

Day 3: Get picked up at 9 a.m. and go cave tubing.  Take the late afternoon and evening to explore Belmopan.

Day 4: Visit Cahal Pech and Xunantanich followed by dinner in San Ignacio.

Day 5: Return car in Belize City and take ferry to Caye Caulker. Spend the day on the beach and exploring the island

Day 6: Beach day and night snorkeling.

Day 7: Beach daythe beach at Caye Caulker

Day 8: Full day of snorkeling followed by dinner and drinks.

Day 9: Take the water taxi back to port and take taxi to airport for return home.

Total Costs for two people (in US dollars):

Flight: Varies depending on your home airport. Flying out of Fargo, ND was about $500 per person. I didn’t include this fee in the overall cost below.

Prices based on cost for two people

Rental Car: $290
Gas: $61
Lodging at Lower Dover: $450
Cave Tubing (including lunch): $165
Entrance fees to Cahal Pech and Xunantunich: $20
Water Taxi: $50
Lodging in Caye Caulker: $318
Night Snorkeling: $90.79
Full Day Snorkeling (including lunch and drinks) $148.50

$1,593.29 total

$796.64 per person

$88.51/day per person

I didn’t include drinks and food expenditures because it really will vary depending on how much you watch your spending. Many restaurants offer traditional rice and beans for $7 or less but will have other options that range up to $20+. Based on your budget, you can determine how often you go out for meals and how often you utilize the grocery store. Grocery prices are comparable (or slightly less) than what you would find in the United States and it’s easy to find items to make meals even without a full kitchen.

I also don’t like to carry cash when we go on vacation and most places did charge us a 5% fee to use a credit card for payment. The safety of having a credit card vs. carrying hundreds of dollars of cash is worth the extra money to me. However, you could basically cut our total trip by 5% if you carried cash.

Lower Budget Suggestions

Belize is extremely affordable and the low prices made it easier for us to stay 9 days and splurge on drinks, dining, and renting a car. Here are suggestions for a lower budget trip:

  • There are lower priced lodging options compared to where we stayed. We chose Lower Dover so we could stay at a Mayan ruin and we paid more at both places because I wanted air conditioning. (That’s just one thing I can’t live without when in a tropical climate.) Belize has a variety of hostel options as well.
  • You could avoid paying the high rental car fees by taking the bus inland. The bus runs to (or close to) every destination in Belize.

Just these two changes alone could save you at least $550 off the total cost of your trip.


When it comes down to it, the experiences that you have in Belize will outweigh the costs. Find a balance that incorporates your budget but also allows you to experience everything that Belize has to offer.



4 thoughts on “9 Day Belize Itinerary (and costs!)

  1. Re Lower Dover .. there are no rooms available on my dates coming up in June. Can you recommend any other options. This place looked amazing!!!


    1. That’s a bummer that it isn’t available! If you’re looking for something more unique or private, there are some other locations that were close that I found on airbnb when I was researching. If not, there are quite a few hotels or bed and breakfasts in San Ignacio.


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