Night Snorkeling in Caye Caulker

Sunset in Belize

Considering all of the places that we have traveled to, I was surprised that I had never heard of night snorkeling before we traveled to Belize. Although the idea of being in the ocean at night in the pitch dark scared the be-jesus out of me, there’s no way I could pass up on the opportunity. If you’re debating whether to night snorkel or not I have two words for you – DO IT!!!!!!!!

Night snorkeling was one of the best things I’ve ever done on vacation. We were able to see and experience so many different things than you would see during a typical day snorkeling trip.

We met up with Mario’s Tours and set out to just in front of the reef. The water was completely calm and the sun was just starting to go down. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and talked over what we would be doing. Night snorkeling in Belize

Belize twilight

As soon as the sun fully set, we hopped in the water. Initially I had a mini panic attack about being in the ocean at night and feeling so vulnerable to whatever was underneath me that I couldn’t immediately see. I switched on my underwater flashlight and took off after everyone else in the group. Evidently they had left me in the dust while I was contemplating my impending doom.

Pretty soon my eyes adjusted to the water and I started seeing underwater creatures I had never seen in the wild before. We turned a corner and immediately there seemed to be hundreds of lobsters crawling in and out of the caverns below us. Every where I looked I saw what looked like a delicious dinner. However, I do prefer my dinner not to have the ability to pinch or injure me.

As we swam on, we were able to see octopus, eels, stingrays, sea turtles, and a variety of different fish that you normally don’t see during the day.

As we came to the end of our snorkeling trip, we all shut off our flashlights and watched as phosphorescent plankton illuminated before us. Every where I waved my hands, tiny, minuscule plankton would light up a bright blue color. It was like the ocean was putting on a light show just for me.

Evidently I got into the plankton too much because pretty soon I looked up and there was no one else near me. I scanned the horizon and saw nothing but pitch black. I was pretty concerned death was upon me – and I haven’t even seen the movie Open Water (Thank heavens!). However, I did just talk to someone else earlier in the day who told me a story about a snorkeler that was left behind. Awesome. So glad I had that conversation.

I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone else so I didn’t turn on my light for a while. I finally got too freaked out and turned on the flashlight and scanned the horizon. I spotted the boat! Whew. Soon enough I spotted the rest of the group too. They were so far away, I must have gotten caught in a little current that sailed me away from them. I hurried up and swam to catch up.

Even with a couple scary moments, night snorkeling was incredible. Don’t miss the opportunity to head out at night and experience the ocean like you never have before.


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