Why Choose Caye Caulker instead of San Pedro?

While I was researching Belize, I quickly found out that San Pedro is the most popular island off the coast of Belize with an exciting night life and a variety of different tours, shops, and restaurants. However, when I began researching Caye Caulker, it was immediately apparent it was the right island for me.

With a laid back island attitude, and a slogan of “Go Slow”, Caye Caulker is a vacationers dream. No cars or trucks are allowed on the island and people navigate the sand streets on golf courts, bicycles, or on foot. While a bike can get you from place to place quicker, there’s nothing wrong with a leisurely stroll across the island. From end to end, you can walk the entire island in 15 to 20 minutes.


Everyone on the island is friendly and it is quite apparent that it is a tight-knit community. I guess it would have to be considering only a couple thousand people live permanently on the island. There is a good mix of bars, restaurants, shops, tour companies, and convenience stores. All of the businesses are owned by locals and you won’t see a chain or a McDonalds anywhere. As a true traveler, those are the kid of destinations I seek out. I love places that have been untouched by American consumerism, and Caye Caulker is a shining example.

soccer in Caye Caulker

One night after dinner took a stroll through a neighborhood on the “non-tourist” side of the island and got to stop and watch a kids futbol game.


The entire time we were there, the weather was in the 80s with sunny skies and not a drop of rain. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful and perfect location.  Plus, there aren’t as many tourists compared to San Pedro, meaning you get a more relaxed, peaceful stay.

If you’re looking for a relaxed destination away from the crowds where you can relax and have fun, choose Caye Caulker.

Belize sunset
A beautiful sunset in Caye Caulker Belize

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