Is it safe to go to Mazatlan, Mexico?

El Cid Marina Mazatlan

Honestly, I hadn’t heard great things about Mazatlan before we decided to take a trip there. It was an impulse decision thanks to the great deal that was offered. (less than $1,000 for a week all-inclusive and flight from Fargo!) Lets be real – Mazatlan isn’t the greatest place in Mexico – however the locals we met there made the trip stand out. More on that later.

We arrived and went through customs, which consists of lines of people hitting a button. If it turns green, you go through with no questions. If it turns red, you’re randomly selected to have your luggage searched. Luckily, we were both a green and we were on our way. We met up with our transfer and loaded up on a van to El Cid Marina.

Our van stopped at a couple different resorts on the way and let people off. There were one or two places that we pulled up to and under my breath I prayed it wasn’t our stop. As we continued on, we passed an older style truck with police lights flashing on top, loaded with masked men with machine guns riding in the bed. I looked to Russ immediately and wondered what we had gotten ourselves into. In all of our travels I had never seen anything like it. I later learned the police drive around the tourist areas, always with their lights on, and always with obviously armed men in order to make their presence known and keep the bad guys away.

I was still skeptical about where we were but that melted away as we pulled into El Cid Marina. It is a beautiful resort, right on the marina with incredible views of sailboats and yachts pulled up to the many different docks out front. El Cid has several properties in the area and as a guest of one property you have access to all of the others. That’s a HUGE bonus when at an all-inclusive.

They took us to our room and I was immediately blown away by the sheer size of it. We had a full sized kitchen, a giant bedroom, and a living room. It was by far nicer and larger than the first apartment we lived in together. Oh, and did I mention it also had a balcony that overlooked the marina? Incredible – especially for the price.

El Cid Marina Mazatlan

As the week went on, we explored the other sister resorts and some of the area (very close) to El Cid. At the end of our seven days, I was glad that we had spent a week in Mazatlan. We had some good food, too many drinks, and met a lot of really awesome new friends. Mazatlan seems to be an up and coming area in Mexico. Right now, I would only stay in the tourist area but in a few years, who knows. It’s a nice budget place to travel in Mexico – just stay in the resort area.


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