The World’s Largest Buffalo in Jamestown, ND

jamestown nd

If there’s one thing you have to do while in Jamestown, it’s stop at the World’s Largest Buffalo. Standing at 26 feet tall and 46 feet long, you’ll be dwarfed as you stand under the monument. It’s a fun photo op of a unique roadside oddity but actually offers much more.


The statue overlooks a herd of live buffalo, including a rare white buffalo named Dakota Miracle.herd of buffalo in jamestown


This buffalo is the decedent of White Cloud, an albino bison that recently passed away, but can still be found in taxidermy form at the National Buffalo Museum just down the way from the buffalo statue.

white cloud albino buffalo

A frontier village is nearby and offers a glimpse into early life on the prairie and includes a saloon, jail, dentist, post office, library, general store, and more.

The buffalo museum hosts a gift shop where visitors can purchase a variety of different North Dakota and buffalo themed merchandise.



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