Thinking about going to Costa Rica? Read this first.

view from house in Costa Rica

The lure of an untouched oasis of lush green rain forests, a variety of animals, and a vibrant underwater world would draw anyone to Costa Rica. When researching our initial trip there, I wasn’t sure what to expect as I had never traveled to Central America before. Concerns about the language barrier, culture and safety of the country made me leery about booking the trip. Would traveling to Central America take me too far out of my comfort zone?


That’s where my biggest advice on traveling to Costa Rica comes in – if you haven’t been there yet, GO!


The south western coast of Costa Rica where we traveled is untouched by the large chains and corporations that run rampant in tourist areas. The true essence of the country can come through without unnecessary fast food restaurants and gift shops. The wildlife is abundant and hearing howler monkeys and spotting sloths and toucans is not an unusual occurrence. Unlike the Midwest, you don’t have to worry about hitting deer when driving, but look out for huge iguanas that make their way across the roadways at night.


Because the tourism industry is pretty organic in the Dominical area, we rented a house that we found online. When I say house, what I really mean is mansion. The huge building was stunning and included a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the rainforest and the ocean. The owners lived in a separate building on the property. Originally from the US, they retired to Costa Rica and built their dream home. Our stay at their house inspired us to dream of retiring in Costa Rica and spending our days snorkeling the clear ocean waters, hiking to waterfalls, and exploring the rainforest.


Continue to follow my blog to read more about our adventures in Dominical, Costa Rica and don’t hesitate to book your trip. You will not be disappointed by the true beauty of the country.



traveling to Costa Rica


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