Frontier Airlines Comes Back to Fargo

inexpensive flights to denver on frontier

After a brief hiatus from Fargo, it looks like Frontier Airlines just couldn’t quit us because they’re back! Right now they’re only offering direct flights to Denver, but it’s a start!

As a “we’re back!” gift to great people of the Red River Valley, Frontier is offering insanely low prices to fly to Denver next May through August. The only catch? The flights have to be booked TODAY.

Stop what you’re doing and head over to Frontier’s website.  With prices ranging from $39 to around $100 bucks one way, you’ll be heading to the mile-high city for a super low cost.

cheap airfare from Fargo

I just booked a flight out to visit my sister for a week in May 2018 at the insanely low price of $65. That’s round trip. Wow!

Like most other airlines, Frontier charges for seat assignments as well as checked and carry on bags. Checking a bag ($25) on Frontier is actually cheaper than having a carry on ($30). I would believe that reducing the number of carry on bags needed to be stored in overhead bins helps them get the planes loaded and unloaded faster.

Frontier does offer a bundle called the Works that makes your ticket refundable, gives you a carry on item and checked bag, and ensures you get the best seat available on the plane. Not a bad deal if you usually pay for the upgrades and luggage from Frontier.

The cost for the Works on my flight was $65 – the same price as my actual flight. I tend to travel very light and can deal with being in a tiny seat for two hours, so I saved my money this time around. I can almost guarantee I’ll be put into a middle seat since I didn’t pay to pick a spot, but I’ll live. But if you have multiple bags or are on a longer flight, this is definitely worth a second look. Could be money very well spent.

Welcome back to Fargo, Frontier! Glad to have you back.






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