Minnesota’s Lake Country Scenic Byway

The Lake Country Scenic Byway is by far the most beautiful drive in all of Minnesota and showcases the state’s natural beauty as it changes from the hills of Detroit Lakes to the wooded up-north feel of towns like Walker.

Each town along the route is marked with a large sign, proudly announcing the name of the town and reminding passersby that they’re still on the Lake Country Scenic Byway. And in true Minnesota form, many towns along the drive boast large statues for travelers to take pictures with. One of the most famous places to stop along the route is in Akeley at the HUGE Paul Bunyan statue. Kneeling, Paul extends his hand for visitors to stand in.

As you pass through Remer, you’ll find silhouettes of Big Foot and stores selling Big Foot merchandise. Remer is said to be “The true home of Bigfoot“, although I didn’t spot any Sasquatch on my way through.

big foot store in Minnesota

If you’re looking for a spectacular fall drive to look at the dynamic changing colors of the leaves, this would be the best drive in Minnesota to take in the sights. Unfortunately, I was about one week too early driving through. Only a few trees had begun to change.

Lake Country Scenic Byway Minnesota

There’s no shortage of wildlife along the route. I spotted several deer, wild turkeys, birds, eagles, hawks, and even cows along the drive. The North Country National Scenic Trail runs through the woods beside the road and gives bikers, hikers, and four wheelers a chance to see the wildlife and scenery up close. The trail runs across seven states between New York and North Dakota.

No matter what season, I wouldn’t hesitate to take a drive along the Lake Country Scenic Byway for stunning views and an outdoor experience without the mosquitoes.


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