Top Three Things to See in Duluth

Duluth is one of the hottest spots in Minnesota for travelers to visit. No matter if you enjoy shopping, outdoor activities, or educational and cultural experiences – there’s something for everyone.

My Aunt and Uncle have lived in Duluth for as long as I can remember and when I was a kid we would spend time with our cousins at Spirit Mountain, climbing Enger Tower, or hitting the beach at Park Point.  A lot has changed over the years and Duluth has more to offer than ever before.

  1. Park Point Beach

Park Point is a sandbar on Lake Superior that offers great swimming and surfing. They post water and wave conditions on their website, and flags on location warn about riptide. There are pavilions and buildings for rent for special events or large group gatherings.

2. Canal Park

Canal Park is home to a variety of restaurants and attractions, including a great view of the lift bridge that allows ships in Lake Superior to pass through. The largest ship that navigates through is 1,0040 feet long. When visiting, you can make sure to experience the rising of the lift bridge and passing through of ships by checking the arrivals and departures schedule.

Canal Park Duluth Minnesota
A ship passes under the lift bridge at Canal Park in Duluth Minnesota

ship in lake superiorLift Bridge in Canal Park DuluthIMG_1897

The Lake Superior Maritime Museum offers free admission and gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the history of ships in Lake Superior, including those that have sunk to the depths of the lake. There’s a large exhibit on the famous shipwreck of the SS Edmond Fitzgerald, which sank in Lake Superior during a storm in 1975. The sinking led to changes in Great Lakes shipping regulations and practices that included mandatory survival suits, depth finders, positioning systems, increased freeboard, and more frequent inspection of vessels.


3. North Shore Scenic Railroad

There’s something charming and mesmerizing about taking a train ride. For me, it’s like stepping into a past life before today’s modern transportation. The North Shore Scenic Railroad offers a rail experience that showcases different neighborhoods in Duluth and a great view of Lake Superior.

The Duluth Zephyr takes passengers through downtown, along the shoreline of the lake, and then over the Lester River. It’s worth it to upgrade to the first class option, which allows you to ride in the dome car and includes free alcohol and snacks.

The Two Harbors Turn is a full day trip up the coast of Lake Superior to Two Harbors. This trip offers more scenery than the short Duluth trip offers.

No matter how long it has been since you’ve been to Duluth, or if you’ve never been there before, now is a great time to go. With so much to do and see, you’ll wish you had more time there.


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