Tips for staying warm on the way to and from US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

Even though winter in Minnesota is synonymous with cold temperatures and snow, that has never stopped fans from braving the elements to watch a football game. Even during the 2015 season when the Vikings played outside at TCF Stadium, fans packed the stands to watch Minnesota take on Seattle during the wild card playoff game. With a high of 1 degree, it was the coldest home playoff game in the history of the Vikings and the third coldest game in NFL history. In fact, when the Vikings took the field at noon, the temperature hovered at negative 6; negative 25 with the wind chill factor.

Although the Vikings play indoors at US Bank Stadium now, fans still need to brave the weather to get to and from the stadium. With long walks from parking or the light rail, and long waits in security lines to get into the stadium, fans need to bundle up and prepare for some frigid temperatures.

Before last Sunday’s game against the Bears, fans faced huge security lines in bitterly cold temperatures. Lines will surely be as long, if not longer for playoff games and the Super Bowl, which makes it important to strategize how you will get to and from the stadium efficiently.

US Bank Stadium Minneapolis home to Super Bowl 52

  1. Arrive at the stadium early

The earlier you are able to get to the stadium, the sooner you can get into the security lines and head inside.

security line at US Bank Stadium before Bears game 2017

2. If you’re taking the light rail, hop on at one of the earlier stops.

If you’re not on the train by the American Blvd station, you may not make it on at all due to the large crowds of people. After the game, don’t head straight to the light rail – it’s a mad house. Instead check out one of the local bars or hang around the stadium until the lines at the light rail die down. The best bang for your buck when it comes to bars around the stadium is the Eagle Bolt Bar in Minneapolis. It’s only a few blocks from the stadium and has a promo on Sunday nights – 4 to 8 p.m. all you can drink starting at $11. Seriously!!! The price can go up to $17 depending on what kind of tap beer you want, but you can’t pass up that deal. The Eagle is a gay bar, but after the games it pretty much turns into a Vikings hot spot just because of it’s location.

bars around US Bank Stadium

3. Reserve your parking spot early.

Many of the lots in downtown Minneapolis take reservations online. The earlier you go online, the better spot you can get if you’re planning on driving downtown for the game.

4. Bundle up!

Dress like a Minnesotan – don’t forget your hat, gloves, scarf, winter boots, long underwear, and winter coat.

dress warm for the Vikings games


Most importantly – embrace the weather and have fun! You can’t control the temperature so make the most out of it. At least you’ll have a good cold weather story to tell your friends!


Vikings Game


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