Snorkeling in Playa Coco/Playa Hermosa – Guancaste Costa Rica

There's nothing more that I love to do while on vacation than snorkeling. Being out on the water gives you a completely different perspective than being on land. For our trip to Playa Hermosa and Playa Coco, we booked a full day snorkeling excursion so we would have the most time possible both in the water and on the boat.


The African Safari Tour at Ponderosa Adventure Park

We climbed onto the tram and soon enough, we were off to our Costa Rican, African safari!  First up was a group of zebras that were eager to welcome us to their area of the park. This obviously wasn't their first rodeo, and then ran right up to the tram for their delicious carrot treats.  If you refrain from offering a carrot long enough, the smarter zebras will give you a smile and a show to earn their treat.  A group of ostrich were next on our tour. I saw the movie "The Birds" when I was young and since then birds have freaked me out. Not to mention, these are giant birds with beady little eyes. I thought it was a good enough time as any to face my fears and try and give these (evil) feathered beasts a carrot or two. The guides warned us to hold the carrots sticking out from a flat palm so they wouldn't peck our hands off. (ok that might be a little dramatic but whatever, it freaked me out)

Driving in the Guancaste Region of Costa Rica

There is no easier place outside of the United States to drive than the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. With brand new, perfectly paved roads, you'll easily be able to get from the Liberia airport to the playas region or the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano in no time.  Unless you plan on going on extreme off-road adventures, you won't need a 4 wheel drive vehicle. While there are steep inclines to navigate, 4 wheel drive is not necessary. 

Snorkeling in Dominical, Costa Rica

on the boat in Costa Rica

The snorkeling in Costa Rica could rival any other major snorkeling destinations in the world. The crystal clear, pristine waters make it easy to join the underwater world and swim surrounded by colorful fish.  After cutting through the waves and the water, we reached our first snorkeling spot. After gearing up, we jumped in and were not disappointed by the variety of different fish and underwater life we were able to see. After a what seemed like 5 minutes, but was more like 30, we climbed back aboard to race off to the next destination.