Bar Hopping at the Old Market in Omaha

The Old Market area in Omaha is a bustling area filled with shops, bars, restaurants, museums, horse drawn carriage rides, and street entertainers. The cobblestone roads and restored buildings add to the historical charm. Bring comfortable walking shoes because there is a lot of ground to cover. During our visit we hit up several bars … Continue reading Bar Hopping at the Old Market in Omaha


The Durham Museum in Omaha – A Step Back in Time

As soon as you step into the Durham Museum in Omaha you are transported to a place in time when trains crisscrossed the Midwestern landscape, moving people from town to town and city to city. The high ceilings and the intricate Art Deco design immediately draw your eye. The historically preserved train station reminds you of a place in time when expansion and Manifest Destiny was the motto.  Large wooden benches with built in hvac vents line the vast open space of the station, offering plenty of seating for travelers on their way. Surprisingly enough, the benches were far more comfortable than most airline lounges. The idea of traveling the country by train is far more glamorous than today's air travel where sweatpants and smelly sandwiches are as common as delays and mishandled luggage.