Passport Fees Increasing April 2, 2018

If you still need to get your passport, or need to renew, now is the time. Starting April 2, 2018, the cost of an adult passport book will increase from $135 to $145. The last time the cost of a passport increased was in July 2010 when the price went from $75 to $110. 


Tips for staying warm on the way to and from US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis

Even though winter in Minnesota is synonymous with cold temperatures and snow, that has never stopped fans from braving the elements to watch a football game. Even during the 2015 season when the Vikings played outside at TCF Stadium, fans packed the stands to watch Minnesota take on Seattle during the wild card playoff game. With a high of 1 degree, it was the coldest home playoff game in the history of the Vikings and the third coldest game in NFL history. In fact, when the Vikings took the field at noon, the temperature hovered at negative 6; negative 25 with the wind chill factor.  Although the Vikings play indoors at US Bank Stadium now, fans still need to brave the weather to get to and from the stadium. With long walks from parking or the light rail, and long waits in security lines to get into the stadium, fans need to bundle up and prepare for some frigid temperatures. 

Exploring the Amana Colonies

Woolen Mill in Amana colonies

Nestled into the heart of Eastern Iowa lies the Amana Colonies. Amana is comprised of seven German colonies settled in 1856 and, most famously, is home to the Amana appliance factory. However, what most may not know is that Amana is a large tourist destination, offering guests a chance to step back in time and explore cobblestone streets and brick buildings built over 100 years ago. As you explore the colonies, you'll discover authentic German cuisine, hand-crafted solid wood furniture, local art, wine, beer, and much more.

Ways to Save Money on a Walt Disney World Vacation

sunset palm trees

This morning I received an email from a travel agency I used to work for advertising a holiday special - a trip for four to Disney World in Florida for around $8,000. I don't know many families that can afford a vacation at that price point. There are many ways to experience a magical Disney vacation without having to take out a second mortgage. 

Bootleggers and Rum Runners – the Hidden Prohibition Tunnels in Minot, North Dakota

Minot North Dakota during Prohibition

While national prohibition didn't start until 1920, North Dakota enacted prohibition in the state beginning in 1889. This posed an issue for bar owners and distributors that relied on alcohol to make a living. Many found a way around prohibition by illegally manufacturing and distributing alcohol - but it wasn't an easy task. Rumors had … Continue reading Bootleggers and Rum Runners – the Hidden Prohibition Tunnels in Minot, North Dakota

Top Three Things to See in Duluth

Duluth is one of the hottest spots in Minnesota for travelers to visit. No matter if you enjoy shopping, outdoor activities, or educational and cultural experiences - there's something for everyone.  My Aunt and Uncle have lived in Duluth for as long as I can remember and when I was a kid we would spend time with our cousins at Spirit Mountain, climbing Enger Tower, or hitting the beach at Park Point.  A lot has changed over the years and Duluth has more to offer than ever before.