The African Safari Tour at Ponderosa Adventure Park

We climbed onto the tram and soon enough, we were off to our Costa Rican, African safari!  First up was a group of zebras that were eager to welcome us to their area of the park. This obviously wasn't their first rodeo, and then ran right up to the tram for their delicious carrot treats.  If you refrain from offering a carrot long enough, the smarter zebras will give you a smile and a show to earn their treat.  A group of ostrich were next on our tour. I saw the movie "The Birds" when I was young and since then birds have freaked me out. Not to mention, these are giant birds with beady little eyes. I thought it was a good enough time as any to face my fears and try and give these (evil) feathered beasts a carrot or two. The guides warned us to hold the carrots sticking out from a flat palm so they wouldn't peck our hands off. (ok that might be a little dramatic but whatever, it freaked me out)