Debating which area in Costa Rica to visit? Dominical vs. Guanacaste

While Costa Rica is a relatively small country, comparing in size to West Virginia or Denmark, it is home to a variety of different landscapes and terrain. What you experience in the southern part of the country is vastly different than the northern terrain.


The Durham Museum in Omaha – A Step Back in Time

As soon as you step into the Durham Museum in Omaha you are transported to a place in time when trains crisscrossed the Midwestern landscape, moving people from town to town and city to city. The high ceilings and the intricate Art Deco design immediately draw your eye. The historically preserved train station reminds you of a place in time when expansion and Manifest Destiny was the motto.  Large wooden benches with built in hvac vents line the vast open space of the station, offering plenty of seating for travelers on their way. Surprisingly enough, the benches were far more comfortable than most airline lounges. The idea of traveling the country by train is far more glamorous than today's air travel where sweatpants and smelly sandwiches are as common as delays and mishandled luggage. 

Snorkeling in Dominical, Costa Rica

on the boat in Costa Rica

The snorkeling in Costa Rica could rival any other major snorkeling destinations in the world. The crystal clear, pristine waters make it easy to join the underwater world and swim surrounded by colorful fish.  After cutting through the waves and the water, we reached our first snorkeling spot. After gearing up, we jumped in and were not disappointed by the variety of different fish and underwater life we were able to see. After a what seemed like 5 minutes, but was more like 30, we climbed back aboard to race off to the next destination.